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Rwanda Huye Mountain (Washed)



Variety : Bourbon

Processing : Washed

Region : Huye District Southern Rwanda

Altitude : 1600 - 2300 MASL

Roast Level: Light - Medium Roast


Blood Orange, Dark Chocolate, Grapefruit, Medium Body, Clean Finish

Flavour Note : Floral Aroma, Blood Orange Acidity, Dark Chocolate Sweetness, Grapefruit Clean Finish


Roaster Note: Huye Mountain is a coffee name we know pretty well, as it has been responsible for producing some of the best small lot coffee from Rwanda for a good while now (Including several cups of excellence) and has been a hugely popular choice with many specialty roasters. Lots of roasteries tend to take the path of established names, as it's both safer and easier to just buy based on reputation and not spend time looking for new gems out there with lesser known profiles.


Varietal: Bourbon, alongside its brother Typica, was one of the original cultivars of coffee varietals. It originates from the Union island, previously known as 'Bourbon Island' (hence the name tag). The Bourbon varietal was a product of a mutated Typica that resulted in a highly sought after and reliable coffee plant that developed high yields (20-30% more than average) and was more resistant to various types of leaf rust than many other coffee plant varieties.


It grows best at around 1100-2000 masl and comes in three versions - the original red bourbon, followed by two further mutations in orange and yellow. It found it's way to Brazil in the 1860's and is now one of the leading coffee varietals used there, which accounts for a large % of the world's coffee output.


While Brazilian bourbons tend to be more full-bodied, nutty and caramel, Rwandan bourbons result in a more fruity and complex cup, which is represented well from Huye Mountain.


This coffee happens to be complex, vibrant acidity with a silky mouthfeel. A refreshing morning cuppa that we enjoy the most.


Brewing Recipe

Method : Filter

Dose : 18g

Yield : 30g for 30 seconds, T

otal yield 280g

Time : 2 minutes (adjust grind size accordingly)

Water Temperature : 93 degrees


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