100% Arabica.

100% Natural Coffee Bean

Pesticide Free

No Artificial flavour/Colouring


50% Brazil Caldas Royale - Yellow Catuai / 1300 masl / Pulp Natural

50% Colombia Narino Tablon de Gomez- Castillo, Caturra / 1800-2100 masl / Washed


Nutella, Milk Chocolate, Creamy

Roast Level : Medium Roast

Flavour Note : Nutty Aroma, First Sip Tropical Fruit Acidity, Hazelnut, Second Sip Nutella Milk Chocolate, Medium Body, Creamy Smooth Finish


Roaster Note:

Comforting awesomeness is what we wanted to portray in this blend, a lively vibrant acidity that is pleasant on the palate, nutella chocolate goodness with milk. Balance is everything, as the saying goes “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, a Coffee a day keeps the Owlsome-ness Always!


Brewing Recipe Method : Espresso

Dose : 16.5g

Yield : 20 - 25g

Time : 28 - 33 seconds (adjust grind size accordingly)

Water Temperature : 93 degrees


We normally use a 7oz cup, double shot for all our coffees. *for best results use non-homogenized fresh milk.

Gemini (Espresso Blend)

Grind Size
  • To preserve your beans’ fresh roasted flavor as long as possible, store them in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature. Coffee beans can be beautiful, but avoid clear canisters which will allow light to compromise the taste of your coffee.


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