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Colombia Totoro Washed (Single Origin)

Colombia Totoro Washed (Single Origin)



Region: Tierradentro, Cauca Totoro

Elevation: 1500 - 2000 MASL

Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Typica

Processing: Washed

Roast Level: Light Medium


Tasting Note: Citrus Tangerine Acidity & Aroma, Grapefruit Sweetness, Delicious Milk Chocolate In Milk, Medium Body & Clean Finish


Roaster Note: This coffee is produced by smallholder growers in Totoro, Cauca. Totoro is part of the Tierradentro region located in the western side of Cauca, very close to Huila. This region is inhabited by 80% indigeneous people known as “Paeces” and 20% from people around Colombia who have recently moved to work with agriculture and mainly with coffee. Cherries are picked following a strict ripeness criteria, later cherries are pulped and exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 20 hours and afterwards placed on parabolic dryers to 11% moisture


Brew Guide:

Method: Espresso

Dose: 18g

Yield: 30- 35g

Time: 28-35 seconds (adjust grind size accordingly)

Water Temperature: 93 degrees

We normally use a 7oz cup, double shot for all our coffees.

*for best results use non-homogenized/fresh milk


Method: Filter V60 Handbrew method

Dose: 18g

Yield: 30g for 30 seconds, total yield 280g

Brew Time: 2 minute (adjust grind size accordingly)

Water Temperature: 93 degrees


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