Basic Hand Brewing Class

Manual brewers have become commonplace all over the coffee world—from cafes to restaurants to your friend's kitchen counter it's likely that you've seen at least one recently. The explosion in the popularity of manually brewed coffee through the last handful of years has brought forth a whole host of different brewers (both new designs as well as time-tested classics), each working just a little differently from the next one.

Pour over drippers especially have grown in popularity, becoming the easiest brewers to find and also becoming increasingly diverse with different shapes, sizes, filter materials, and usage recommendations. So then, where do you start if you want to get brewing on your own? Have no fear, our wholesale director Michael Tan are generously sharing his experiences in brewing a cup of good coffee in this morning (7/1/2020, Tuesday). He shared some brewing tips for participators and wholesale partners in this event, there is some recipe to make pour over coffee that you don't need a hundred of accessories, a good grinder, a slow pouring kettle and a gram scale. With these following equipment, you will be a handful brewer to make a good pour over coffee in no time. Let's try.

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