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Everyone Deserve A Better Cup Of Coffee 

Ghostbird was formed from the principles of Everyone deserve a better cup of coffee. With many years of experiences in running The Owls Café, Thomas decided to cater a sophisticated flavour that owned by Ghostbird. With this concepts, the founder Thomas and sales director Michael always try their best to seek the best solutions to roasts in every steps for crafting the best brewing. From flavour, fragrance and mouthfeel to the conversations and interactions that go along with every cup, they create a beautiful world of coffee.

Ghostbird Coffee

Everyone deserves a better cup of coffee 

With a simple motto 'Everyone Deserve A Better Cup of Coffee' we relentlessly seek ways to equiped ourselves with coffee knowledge, searching & sourcing the right coffees, constantly QC from our productions, exchanging ideas and concepts with other roasters, coffee suppliers and friends that we have forge strong relationship with. With the final goal that is to craft tastiness into our daily dose of caffeine beverages. Ghostbird is more than selling roasted bean.

Authentic Coffee Experiences

Ghostbird aims to provide you a welcoming coffee experience by inviting you through the process which involves your five senses experience. From taste buds with elegance fragrance, aroma, and mouthfeel of the coffee, to the silky visual latte art seen pouring down the cuppa, the beautiful sound of milk steaming & coffee brewing, a coffee experience at it's finest that we redefined of it.

Attentive & Upbeat Service

We are committed to convey our expertise and passion in every step of the way by bringing you professional wholesale solution. From defining your coffee brand till consulting , we deliver attentive and timely services for business owners and cafe owners based on their needs in a positively manner.

Coffee Community  

Ghostbird Coffee Roaster is a specialty wholesale coffee roaster driven towards making a positive impact in the quest for delicious coffee within the community of coffee lovers. Be part of a bigger network that connects with all of our wholesale partners to consistently get new perspective, ideas and concepts.

Wholesale Partner

We provide you consistently freshly roasted bean supply and customised the best flavour for your taste buds. With the yearly experienced in operating coffee roasters, we equip the best profile and professional consulting for startup cafe, co-working space and hotel. 

Awesome Blend

We are selling our freshly roasted beans, festive highlight and tools & equipments to all coffee lovers. 

Cafe Solution Provider

We customised cafe solutions to all small business owners, chain business and hotel including bar setup, bean supply, SOP setting, beverage quality control, and staff training.

Train Your Barista

How to make a cup of good coffee? What's your ideal flavour? Let's us cater your taste buds to fine tune a comforting, happiness, adventurous and relaxing tasting experience in every sips. 

Coffee Lovers Circle

Be part of bigger network that connects with all of our wholesale partners to consistently get new perspective, ideas and concepts.

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